Pauline Bonaparte, née Paolina, french princess
Second daughter of Charles-Marie Bonaparte and Maria Letizia Ramolino
and the prefered sister of Napoléon Bonaparte.
Born 20 octobre 1780 in Ajaccio and died 9 june 1825 in Florence.

Married first to general Charles Victoire Emmanuel Leclerc.
She had affaires with soldiers and officers during his frequent absences.
She treated her husband in his last days of yellow fever.
She then married Camille Borghèse, a roman prince.
She is well known for her beauty and posed for the statue called Vénus Victrix, made by Canova.

painting on ivory
frame: decorated brass outer ring, decorated brass inner ring, velvet in between
dimension frame vertically: 115 mm
dimension frame horizontally: 100 mm
inner dimension ring vertically: 61 mm
backside: silk with sticker Garanti sur ivoire
signed: Maly or Naly

stock number 393