Camillo Zuffi

Camillo Zuffi is the creator of 'Il Piccolo Sceriffo'
and also worked on 'La Jena', 'Bonnie', 'Tex Tone', 'Kit Carson',
'Mustang Grey' and 'I Misteri della Giungla Nera'.

The 70's Bonnie stories were still mainly real gangster
and not yet as erotic as the ones in the 80's.
So these are real 70's Gangster Bonnie pages,
though there are some erotic scenes in these pages!

Original pen-drawings
Series: Bonnie
Number: #63
Title: Camillo Zuffi - Sexy Splash!
Ediperiodici Publishers
Condition: Very Good
selection of pages 61 to 80 of Bonnie 63
dimensions: 32 x 16,5

stock numer 645